Monday, February 18, 2013

our vision of the perfect city

3rd Upper Secondary School                             EU-topia: A European Dream City
of Nea Philadelphia


We envisage the ‘perfect city’ as a place where
  • There are only two-storied detached houses with large gardens
  • There are plenty of green areas and rooftop gardens
  • Renewable forms of energy are used
  • There is free, regular public transport by all kinds of ground-underground and air means of transport (bikes, skate-boards, flying vehicles and shuttle-buses)
  • There is free health care for all
  • Education is free and humanistic while there is also vocational training in high school
  • The economy is based on the land, commerce, crafts, industry, technology, services, tourism, culture, learning as well as the exchange of goods and services
  • There is decent employment for all
  • There is only one social class: the middle class
  • There is direct democracy in which decisions are made by all citizens by voting
  • There is no violence or corruption
  • There is lawfulness, love, respect to the ‘different’, honest and solidarity
  • All citizens are Christian
Last, we would like our CITY to be independent and autonomous!

What about you?

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