Friday, February 8, 2013

Work schedule

Work Schedule for the etwinning project
EUtopia – Our European Dream City

January 2013      Students upload their profiles on the blog
                                    All schools – each student separately

4-18/2/2013          - Students post comments on each other’s profile
                                   All schools – each student separately
 -   The students of each school agree on a common
Vision of the Ideal Society and upload a description of this VISION on the blog. Each school must refer to the 10 aspects (regime, justice, employment, transport, economy, education and science, health care, integration and equality, intercultural relationships, environment).
Texts can be accompanied by drawings.
All schools – One VISION per school.

-         Each school comments on the other schools’ VISION.
All schools – One comment per school

19/2-15/3/2013          Students read bibliography and watch films presenting famous UTOPIAS and DYSTOPIAS. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each example and create a PowerPoint presentation.
                                    All schools – One presentation per school.

 Students research models of city development (utopian cities, ideal cities, educating cities, slow cities, and cities for children). They create a PowerPoint presentation.
All schools – One presentation per school.

Students trace the development of their own city and discuss the model of its development. They create PowerPoint presentations.
All schools – One presentation per school.

16/3- 27/4/2013    - Students design their EUtopia based on the materials (bibliography, films, paintings, music) studied during the previous phase and present its different aspects in the form of texts, PowerPoint presentations, posters and 3D city models.

Each school focuses on different aspects:
Justice, Transport, Economy: TURKEY
Employment, Education & Science, Environment: GREECE - Pefki
Regime, Health Care, Integration & Equality, Intercultural Relationships: GREECE – Nea Philadelphia

27/4-10/5/2013     Students evaluate their contribution to the project
                             by filling-in an on-line questionnaire
                             All schools – each student separately

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