Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reaching "the ideal society"

1st High School                             EU-topia: A European Dream City 
of Pefki

First try of reaching “ideal society”

a) The ideal form of government would be democracy as it was put in practice in Ancient Greece.

b) The power of justice should be independent.

c) There should be meritocracy and equal opportunities in terms of work.

d) All means of public transportation should have the minimum cost for citizens.

e) There should be investment in the primary sector of the country and in the natural wealth (water, sun, wind, etc.)

f) Students should de given the opportunity to specialize in their field of knowledge while they are still in school.

g) Public health is something that concerns all of us, therefore there are needs to be a strong effort to improve it. To all the people offered medical care and medicines when needed without the high cost.

h) In our ages, we see people living in a country coming from different cultural and ethic backgrounds. It is important to educate everyone about multiculturalism and the need to respect each other for who they are. All people were equal regardless of any possible differences and whether they had the right to participate in public affairs.

i) Intercultural relations in a country is the key to line in harmony. Would be good for society to make intercultural events to know other cultures and therefore not to be nationalists.

k) From the youngest to the oldest person living in a country, it is their strong responsibility to contribute in each own way to the protection of the environment. The best for society would be to watch the environment by organizing various volunteer events.


  1. We agree with democracy,but not in the form of classical Greece where there were slaves.Also,we prefer that the public transportation and public health to be free.And we agree with all the rest.Anastasia,Panagiotis and John.3rd Lyceum Miltos Kountouras at Nea Filadelfia.